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News July 2015

Necrodeath - official Youtube Channel


I Necrodeath annunciano la creazione del proprio canale youtube

dove presto caricheranno tutti i loro video ed alcune rarità  in alta definizione.


Nel frattempo godetevi il trailer del nuovo singolo Headhunting




Upcoming shows  2015: click here


9 August 2015 - XXI Agglutination - Chiaromonte (PZ) - Italy

27 August 2015 - 18° Festa Bikers - Cologno al Serio (BG) - Italy





News April 2014


Legendary black/thrashers Necrodeath have released a teaser video for their much anticipated new album 'The 7 Deadly Sins', coming out on May 13th on Scarlet Records. 


Watch the album trailer here:

‘The 7 Deadly Sins’ follows the critically acclaimed, single-track album ‘Idiosyncrasy’, delivering 7 fast and brutal songs centering around the 7 sins. For the first time ever, the band used their Italian mother tongue to write most of the lyrics, as well as English and Latin, giving a different edge to the music itself. Also, 2 classic songs from the band’s catalogue have been re-recorded by the new line-up and included in the tracklist, ‘Thanatoid’ from ‘Fragments Of Insanity’ (1989) and ‘Graveyard Of The Innocents’ from ‘Into The Macabre’ (1987). The artwork features a provocative shot of renowned porn star Mila Ramos. The album has been anticipated by a 7-inch vinyl single release of the song ‘Wrath’.


Watch here the video for 'Wrath'



'The 7 Deadly Sins' tracklist as follows:


1. Sloth

2. Lust

3. Envy

4. Pride

5. Wrath

6. Gluttony

7. Greed

8. Thanatoid (Bonus track)

9. Graveyard Of The Innocents (Bonus Track)



Here is how Necrodeath's frontman Flegias commented the event:


"With this new album we have definetely reached a new level of ferocity. You can see it as a tribute to those fans who have been following us since the beginning and a painful kick in the balls to all those others who might have thought we have softened our sound! And to emphasize the morbidity of this record we have invited renowned Italian pornstar, friend and long-time Necrodeath fan Mila Ramos to star on the album cover and in the promotional trailer."


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News March 2014


Legendary black/thrashers Necrodeath have announced the release of their new single 'Wrath', taken from the band's much anticipated new album 'The 7 Deadly Sins', coming out 

on May 13th on Scarlet Records.

The single will be available in a limited edition 7-inch vinyl format. A video for the song is also available.


Watch the video here: 


Here's how Necrodeath's drummer Peso commented the event: 


"'Wrath' is one of the most brutal, fast and uncompromising songs we have ever written. In a way, we have gone back to our roots. This song will definetely give you an idea how the album sounds: 100% Necrodeath. 100% Hell!"


Check out 

for more details about the 7-inch vinyl single.



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