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News January 2018

NECRODEATH "The Age Of Dead Christ"


1) The Whore Of Salem

2) The Master Of Mayhem

3) The Order Of Baphomet

4) The Kings Of Rome

5) The Triumph Of Pain

6) The Return Of The Undead

7) The Crypt Of Nyarlathotep

8)The Revenge Of The Witches

9) The Age Of Dead Christ




News December 2017

NECRODEATH "The Age Of Dead Christ"

‘The Age Of Dead Christ' is the new album for Necrodeath, the 11th in their career, 33 years after their inception into the scene, when the now legendary demotape ‘The Shining Pentagram’ was released. 33 as the age of Christ, the dead Christ, as the title of the album says. Necrodeath go back to their roots releasing one of the fastest, most violent and brutal chapters in their deadly musical path

‘The Age Of Dead Christ’ includes the song ‘The Return Of The Undead’, a new version of the band’s classic ‘The Undead’ (originally included in the 1987 debut album ‘Into The Macabre’), featuring yet another extreme metal legend on vocals, the mighty A.C. Wild of 

‘The Age Of Dead Christ' will be available starting

from March 9, 2018 on Scarlet Records on CD

and Terror From Hell Records on LP


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The Age Of Dead Christ

TOUR 2018


09 March 2018 - Savona (Italy) - Circolo degli Artisi

10 March 2018 - Parma (Italy) - Titty Twister

17 March 2018 - Sassari (Italy) - The Hor

30 March 2018 - Bresso (Mi) (Italy) - Bluerose Saloon

31 March 2018 - TBA - (Book It Now!!!)

13 April 2018 - Firenze (Italy) - Circus

14 April 2018 - Roma (Italy) - Defrag

20 April 2018 - Verona (Italy) - The Factory

21 April 2018 - San Donà di Piave (Ve) (Italy) - Revolver

18 May 2018 - TBA - (Book It Now!!!)

19 May 2018 - TBA - (Book It Now!!!)

01 June 2018 - Torino (Italy) - Padiglione 14

02 June 2018 - Lione (France) - Le Trait D'union

Summer Festivals 2018 - TBA - (Book It Now!!!)